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Lista de Canciones:

• Oriel Window
• On Your Shore
• On My Way Home
• Only If...
• No Holly for Miss Quinn
• Na Laetha Geal M\u0027ge
• Morning Glory
• Miss Clare Remembers
• Memory of Trees
• March of the Celts
• Marble Halls
• Lothlorien
• I Want Tomorrow
• Hope Has a Place
• From Where I Am
• Exile
• Evening Falls...
• Evacuee
• Eclipse
• Ebudae
• Deireadh an Tuath
• Cursum Perficio
• China Rose
• Caribbean Blue
• Book Of Days
• Boadicea
• Athair Ar Nearmh
• Anywhere Is
• Angeles
• Aldebaran

Albumes (Discografia de) Enya

And Winter Came... The Best Of Enya On Piano VA-Panpipes Plays Songs of Enya Taliesin Orchestra - The Music of Enya Enya Sounds Of The Season A Tribute Performed By China Roses Amarantine Amarantine (Special Christmas Edition) Enya B-sides & Remixes Only Time - The Collection May it be (bootleg) Best Of Enya The Very Best of Enya (Deluxe Edition) Perfect Panpipes - Performed By Guillermo Sanchez Oceans - The String Quartet Tribute to Enya May it be A Day Without Rain A Box Of Dreams Paint The Sky With Stars (The Best Of Enya) On My Way Home The Memory Of Trees The Celts Shepherd Moons Watermark Enya The Christmas
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