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Cradle Of Filth

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Lista de Canciones:

• Graveyard By Moonlight-Cradle Of Filth
• Gothic Romance (Red Roses For The Devil\u0027s Whore)-Cradle Of Filth
• Funeral In Carpathia-Cradle Of Filth
• Dusk And Her Embrace-Cradle Of Filth
• Camilla\u0027s Masque-Cradle Of Filth
• Beauty Slept In Sodom-Cradle Of Filth
• Dirge Inferno-Cradle Of Filth
• Venus in Fear-Cradle of Filth
• The Twisted Nails Of Faith(the Cr-Cradle of Filth
• Thirteen Autumns and A Widow-Cradle of Filth
• The Twisted Nails of Faith-Cradle of Filth
• Sodomy \u0026 Lust-Cradle of Filth
• Once Upon Atrocity-Cradle of Filth
• Lustmord and Wargasm (the Reli-Cradle of Filth
• Hallowed Be Thy Name (Shallow-Cradle of Filth
• Desire in Violent Overture-Cradle of Filth
• Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids-Cradle of Filth
• Black Metal-Cradle of Filth
• Beneath the Howling Stars-Cradle of Filth
• Bathory Aria-Cradle of Filth
• The Principle of Evil Made Flesh-Cradle of Filth
• The Black Goddess Rises II-Cradle of Filth
• Summer Dying Fast-Cradle of Filth
• Suicide and Other Comforts-Cradle of Filth
• Sin Deep My Wicked Angel
• Scorched Earth Erotica-Cradle of Filth
• No Time to Cry-Cradle of Filth
• Dinner at Deviant\u0027s Palace-Cradle of Filth
• Born in a Burial Gown-Cradle of Filth
• All Hope in Eclipse

Albumes (Discografia de) Cradle Of Filth

Dirge Inferno Thornography Nymphetamine Babalon Covered In Filth - A Tribute To Cradle Of Filth Damnation and A Day The Very Best of Cradle of Filth Live Bait for the Dead Lovecraft & Witch Hearts Lycanthropy Bitter Suites To Succubi The Evil's Bitter Sweet Midian From the Cradle to Enslave Cruelty And The Beast Sodomizing The Virgin Vamps Dusk... and Her Embrace Vempire or Dark Faerytales in Phallustein The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh Total Fucking Darkness Invoking The Unclean The Black Goddess Rises Orgiastic Pleasures Foul
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